Well here we are, the last day of the Turtle Races for the season. We are feeling a little sad, because we all enjoy working together to pull the races off, and now we might not see each other every week.

So, we are all dealing with that melancholy while having a great time with our 387 racers — a big number for the last race.

A nice young man beckons me. He wants to ask me a question. His name is Jake Whebbe. His family has a cabin on Blackwater Lake, used to be on Girl. His grandparents were here before that.

He was raised coming to the lake and loves it! So, great; we know that story, hear that story a lot and have lived that story.

What Jake wants is to propose to his girlfriend, Jasmine Winter, when it is his turn to race. Wow! He is racer No. 258.

I introduce him to our Director/Announcer, Kevin, and they plan how the event will be pulled off. So, now we are into the races. All of a sudden Jake is on the stage with a microphone, calling out to Jasmine, and she is no where to be found.

Oops, we all call out for Jasmine. No Jasmine. So, Jake gets down off the stage and walks away. Awhile later Jake and Jasmine are spotted together. All is not lost!

Finally, Kevin comes down from the Turtlemobile, goes into the racing circle and calls out to the young couple. Here they are, in the middle of the turtle racing circle. Jake gets down on one knee and asks his beloved Jasmine to marry him.

My goodness, how sweet is that. He loves it so much at the lake that he wants to share that love with his bride and us.

So, there you go, I asked for a special interest story for this week and got one. Memories are made here and don’t you ever forget that. See you next year.

P.S. Still lots to do up here all year round.


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