Coup plotters

In mid-May 2015, a top level group of bureaucrats gathered in Washington to discuss the 2016 election. The men included the heads of the FBI, CIA and Justice Department. Their talks centered on the announced candidacy of Donald J. Trump for president. It was the consensus of these men that Trump, were he elected president, would be a disaster for America. Therefore he had to be stopped at all costs.

The men readily realized that as federal employees they were forbidden by law to be active participants in a federal election (Hatch Act). Therefore they would have to tread very lightly. They decided to develop a plan to undermine and ruin Trump’s candidacy. Their insurance policy, in the most unlikely event of his election, was a fiction-filled book full of falsehoods, “The Russian Dossier,” written by a man named Stele, who had been fired from his position in British intelligence.

This book, at a cost of some $12 million, had been paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The titular head of the DNC was then-president Obama.

The hate-filled book of lies and deceit had been written as a smear campaign against Trump. This venal plot was eventually countered by a furious expose led by Fox News and its journalistic allies. The “soft” coup de etat plotters had failed to stop Trump’s campaign as he won the presidency by an Electoral College majority in perhaps the largest political upset in modern U.S. history.

However the coup plotters have yet to be formally charged by the recently appointed Attorney General, William Barr, who has promised the American people a most thorough investigation to bring all wrong-doers to justice. And so the American public awaits full disclosure. Meanwhile the coup plotters remain in our midst, as in recent times they have appeared on public display.

The coup is still alive, however it appears to have morphed into a new ploy, under the guise of the turmoil, associated, however loosely, with House Democrats who want to impeach Trump. Senator Amy Klobuchar has publicly stated she will support impeachment.

Meanwhile Americans need to contact their Congressional representatives as Americans demand justice and legislation to ensure this ... ends with new legislative safeguards put in place to preserve Democratic due process.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. God Bless America.

Martin Steffel



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