Support for Line 3

With Line 3 construction recently completed in North Dakota, the only part of the over 1,000-mile project that is unfinished is the 337 mile stretch in Minnesota, where construction has not yet begun, as we continue to wait for permits.

Why is our state being so indecisive about this project when it’s now the most studied pipeline project in state history?  Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Canada did not have problems getting this done. It seems in Minnesota that unnecessary politics are holding this up.

The reality is that we need this pipeline. Not only does it supply and will continue to supply a valuable resource, but it fuels the refineries that make sure we have fuel. It is a plain fact that we need oil. We will not be free from oil anytime soon.  This means we should make sure that it continues to move safely through an updated Line 3.

It is time our leaders do something for the benefit of Minnesotans instead of personal political agendas.

We need this project approved. We need to put Minnesotans to work and reboot our economy. This project will go a long way in doing both of those tasks.

Let’s stop playing political games and approve Line 3.  If this were a new Football or Baseball Stadium it would already be completed.

 Al Saarinen

Gordon Construction



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