Will people be deceived into voting against their own best interest?

On June 25 my wife had her right cataract removed. Twenty eight days later she had the left cataract removed. During that short time the cost billed to the insurance company increased from $2,513 to $2,816, or 12.1 percent for use of the OR.  It increased from $330 to $440 or an unbelievable (33.3 percent) for general anesthesia.

The total cost billed to insurance for the second procedure was $4,238.21. They were paid $1,315.18 from the insurance company with a $300 co-payment from me. This gave a total cost of $1,615.18.

If I could not afford insurance the cost would have been $2,623.03 more. How can anyone consider this is a fair system of health care for the poor? Many people had good health insurance with their company, but they lost it when they got laid off. How much does it cost them and how do they pay the cost to stay one or two months in ICU with COVID-19?

How can the richest country in the world be the only industrialized country not to afford health care for all? To me this shows a definite need for “Medicare for all.”

My May 2020 issue of the American Legion Magazine claims that President Trump’s 2021 budget calls for the following cuts to programs for seniors: Medicare funding cut a half trillion dollars, Medicaid funding cut $900 billion, Social Security funding cut by $24 billion, federal nutrition assistance funding cuts at $182 billion.

“All told, President Trump is proposing more then $1.6 trillion in cuts to programs relied on by millions of veterans.” This is not surprising since Republicans have always opposed  Social Security and wanted to eliminate it.

I don’t understand why any senior wants Social Security not to be here for their children and grandchildren. They vote for President Trump because they don’t like minorities and immigrants. They had better get good relations with minorities because it is estimated that this year 2020 there will be more minority children in America than white children under 18 years old, and as whites die off in a few years we will be the minority. Turning America into a police state with a dictator will not stop this.

It is no wonder President Trump’s own sister has said he lies, is unprepared and his only interest is in helping himself and he does not have the attitude needed to help others that a religious person should have. To me he is the best example of the anti-Christ or his assistant I have seen in my life time. He claims he never makes a mistake and is always the best of every thing. He claims we have the best economy now when it is the worse we have had since the great depression.

Rita Albrecht is the most qualified candidate I have seen for State Senate. She and Justin Eichorn should be debating their qualifications to represent us. He knows his experience does not come close to Rita’s so instead of debating the issues he has stooped to a new low by allowing his supporters to attack her with false statements on UTUBE where  thet can’t be answered. He is trying to scare people with lies.

The question is whether or not people of Senate District 5 will vote against programs that help them or be deceived by big money into voting against their own best interest.

Leonard Zimmer



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