Whether old people live or die is unimportant to Sen. Eichorn

Sen. Justin Eichorn’s guest commentary April 29 again shows his total lack of concern as to whether or not the many older people in his district live or die. This is not surprising since his ability to make money selling assault weapons is more important than how many children are killed by people using them.

We have been lucky that our distance from the Metro areas has helped isolate us from the COVID-19 virus. The opening of fishing will bring more people into the area as they open their summer homes, and this will make it more likely many more of us could get the virus.

People are already ignoring the present requirements which is making it harder to get the virus under control so the current restrictions can be reduced. On Tuesday I had to go to Bemidji for a doctor’s appointment. Afterwards I stopped at Target to pick up some food supplies before heading home. There was a young lady at the door wearing a mask and wiping carts to make them safe for people coming in to use them.  I mentioned how many people were coming in without masks on. This tells her you may be trying to protect me from the virus but if I have it I don’t care if I give it to you. It’s too much trouble for me to wear a mask just to protect others. It is not surprising that this county is doing the worse of any county in fighting the COVID -19 virus.

The long term survival of our timber industry will be fine. Trees will continue to grow and become more valuable. Crews tend to be small and I know of no restrictions on logging.

Sen. Eichorn tries to use China as a boogie man to scare us, just like the military industrial complex does, so we will continue to make bombs while letting our infrastructure deteriorate to where we will soon be a second-rate economic power.

His comments on cars show a complete lack of understanding as to what is going on and the conversion to electric cars that is taking place. As a retired resort owner I can also say Sen. Eichorn does not understand that the reason resorts went out of business is because land values became far higher then resort values, which make them more valuable to be subdivided into lots. Actually Sen. Eichorn claims to be a small business owner when he is actually a “...third generation working at my family’s outdoor store...”

Sen. Eichorn praises the federal governments Paycheck Protection Program when this is turning out to be a totally corrupt program as administrated by the Trump Administration  The money did not go to small banks to help small businesses. It went to large banks to use to help large corporations who already had loans with them. Why doesn’t he list the small businesses in his district who actually got help under this program? I don’t believe there are any.

The more Sen. Eichorn writes the more I have to wonder how much actual experience and knowledge he has to represent all of us.

Leonard Zimmer



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