Protecting ducks is more important then protecting children?

An article in the March 4 issue of The Pilot-Independent seems more like a press release from the Matt Bliss campaign then an actual news story.  No location was given for where Bliss made the remarks and there was no description of what House Files 8 and 9 were all about.

There was no intention to inform the public. The intent was to confuse and distort the issue. People refuse to recognize that the Second amendment starts off “A well-regulated Militia...” If trained soldiers can be regulated it is certainly allowed to regulate citizens.

The state is already able to create a guns registry.  When I purchased a duck hunting license the state knows I have a shotgun. When I purchase a deer hunting license the state knows I have a rifle. So what is the big deal if someone is a law-abiding citizen?

All House File 8 does is expand the existing background check to all gun sales whether done over the internet or at gun shows. Honest people have no reason to fear this and I believe most of us purchase our guns through licensed dealers where we are checked anyway.

The more important bill is House File 9, the so called Red Flag law which has already been passed in 17 states and is already showing violence is reduced. The Red Flag law “...specifies that family or household members, certain law enforcement officers, a city or  county attorney, or a guardian can make a petition” to a court for an “extreme risk protection order that would remove firearms from people deemed at risk of harming themselves or others.”

Why is Matt Bliss so concerned that there are people in District 5A that have mental problems who might lose their guns before killing others? Studies have shown that many people have known about unstable people who were talking about shooting people in school so lives could have been saved with such a law.

With Matt Bliss protecting ducks is more important then protecting children. Matt Bliss never has complained about restricting shotguns to three shells when duck hunting, but he would go crazy if you restricted rifles to six shots, which is more then enough for deer hunting. You don’t need a 100-round magazine to hunt or do anything legal.

I have never heard Matt Bliss complaint about not allowing lead shot for duck hunting, but we can’t have any restrictions to prevent killing people.

Leonard Zimmer



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