One year has passed since I attended the Minnesota Public Utilities meeting in St. Paul. The unanimous vote by that group was to authorize Enbridge to be able to start construction of the Line 3 replacement in the summer of 2019, and certainly no later than the spring of 2020. We still haven’t experienced that starting date and have studied the statutes to determine how the process should have taken place.

The Minnesota Statutes indicate three important points:

1.) The PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION is to make a determination on a pipeline Certificate of Need and a Route Permit within 12 months. (216.B243 & 7852.0800)

2.) An Environmental Impact Analysis (EIS) is to be completed within 280 days. (116D.04)

3.) The DNR and MPCA need to issue completed permits within four weeks to a few months.

We have been hearing discussion on the Line 3 Project for at least four years with none of the statutory timelines having been followed.

The Public Utilities Commission and associated agencies need to bring this to a conclusion and move the Enbridge Line 3 project forward, as was intended by their unanimous vote.


Fred Hage

A Cass County private citizen


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