A concerned Walker citizen

After reading in the March 10 Pilot-Independent  the account of the Walker City Council rejecting a proposal to buy the Lucky Moose for a library building, I felt I needed to express my view.

It seems there were several people who gave good reasons to buy the Lucky Moose for the library but were rejected by city council members. My question to both sides is, had anyone contacted a person in the log building business or even the contractor who built this building for their expertise on the condition of this building and suitability for a library? The longer you wait for a new library, the more expensive it is going to be, besides the fact that it would be harder to buy land and build than to buy a suitable existing building.

Why would townships contribute money to a library building when they don’t know how or when those funds would be spent? Would you donate money not knowing what you are buying? It also sounds like someone has stepped up for financial help in maintaining the library.

Another issue I have is that the $600,000 in the library fund 10 years ago is still $600,000 today. Shame on you. Who’s not investing this money? Could it be the city council does not want a new library and keeps finding excuses?

My husband and I have lived in the Walker area close to 20 years now and we have not noticed any growth in Walker. Changes, yes, growth, not much.  It seems to me that the city council has a lot of power and wants to keep doing business as usual.

Another example is that the city Water Department cannot accept credit cards for automated payment nor direct payment from a bank. How antiquated is this? Times have changed and as difficult as it sometimes is, we need to change with the times.  Think outside the box, get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money and grow.  

All this time, where’s the new grocery store, the new library? We need these types of things to help Walker and the businesses in Walker to be successful.

In an earlier letter to the editor, I asked about the city communicating with our citizens. I am pleased to see the city has a site where you can sign up for information called NIXLE ALERTS at http://www.co.cass.mn.us/. It is my understanding this site has been available for several years and I also found out some of our local law enforcement is not aware of this service.

Sandy Randall



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