‘A waste of time and money’

Regarding the impeachment hearing and Pres. Donald Trump, this writer remains very impressed with the to-the-point, spot-on summary of area Democratic congressman Colin Peterson’s opinion of the hearing: It is a big waste of time and money; it adds much divisiveness to an already-divided nation.

We would add: House Speaker Pelosi has been so tragically absorbed in the impeachment process that she has allowed and even encouraged bills that are critical to America’s basic needs to remain dormant: infrastructure construction projects vital to national safety and economic development; health care  reform; a bill that would lead to a new deal with Canada and Mexico that would greatly strengthen the economies of all three nations; new legislation to fight the national opioid crisis (almost 70,000 Americans die each year of heroin addiction); border security legislation to assist states in many ways, especially to deal with organized crime; and on and on.

America desperately requires a united Congress to effectively serve the people and to do their duty. The House leadership has badly failed in its duties to serve the American people.

Finally for those in Congress who in some cases appear to have developed a blind, pathological hatred for Mr. Trump, they should do the common sense thing: put aside their grievances and prepare intelligently for the 2020 elections.

Martin Steffel



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