An act of kindness is a ray of light

I experienced an act of kindness from Jenny’s Beehive this past week and I would like to share. A few years ago my older sister passed away and when The Pilot-Independent had its annual Ice-Out Contest I used her birthday as the date of the ice out. May 9, was the official ice out date which was her birthday so my name was added to the winner’s list.

A few days later, Jenny’s Beehive called and said I had won their Aveda Stress Fix Package. In a way, I thought my older sister was looking out for me….helping me hold steady. So, as I used the calming oil and I would remember her, after a time it was nearly gone. I decided to place an order, so I called Jenny’s Beehive.

I requested curbside, and while I was ordering on the phone, I decided to share the story with Mary who works at Jenny’s Beehive. When I went to pickup my package, Mary said that she had shared my story with the owner and that they were so touched by the circumstances of my having their product, and what it had come to mean to me, that they were giving me the product for free.

In these times when all seems so dark, an act of kindness may not change the world but it sure improves a person’s day. A big heartfelt thanks to Jenny’s Beehive!

Mary Pitzen



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