Article about Sen. Gazelka was misleading

A recent article [submitted by] a challenger to Sen. Paul Gazelka, Senate District 9, made claims about Sen. Gazelka that were misleading. It claims that Sen. Gazelka refused to end Gov. Walz’ emergency powers. However, when the special session began on June 12, the first bill introduced by Sen. Gazelka was to do that, and it passed with bipartisan support in the Senate. It did not pass in the House.

Sen. Gazelka has never supported an election with all mail-in voting as suggested. He has always stood against voter fraud.

President Trump has met with Sen. Gazelka and Trump called him out at a rally to support him. There is mutual admiration between them.

Another inconsistency in the article says that Sen. Gazelka did not call out Gov. Walz over his failed leadership during the protests following George Floyd’s death. Sen. Gazelka did so in press conferences and on social media. He was interviewed about it as well. Sen. Gazelka also toured Minneapolis and spoke with community and faith leaders. He has stayed on top of the situation from the beginning.

Sen. Gazelka is the calm in the storm and is listened to by both sides. He is also a good listener and pays attention to his constituents and to all Minnesotans. He is passionate about making Minnesota the best it can be. Sen. Gazelka’s experience and leadership serves us well. A newcomer would not have his influence or authority.

Sen. Gazelka has done a good job and will continue to do so.

Joyce Heffron

Little Falls


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