Be safe while walking along roads

Walking is a great way to stay active and fit, as well as a wonderful way to enjoy our beautiful area!

But, I’ve also noticed the dangers to those who choose to use the shoulder of our highways, or walk alongside our dirt roads.  

A significant number of people wear earbuds that can diminish their hearing of oncoming traffic.

Many are correctly walking “toward” oncoming vehicles — some may even be wearing a bright colored hat or vest. Too many, however, are choosing dangerous dark colored clothing, colors that match the roadside scenery colors (even some bright colors may turn into camouflage, in spring and fall) or,  worst of all, wearing true camouflage clothing!

Magnifying the danger, these walkers are especially difficult to see in areas where the driver is headed into bright sunlight.

Many walkers/runners choose to use a phone app to log their mileage ...including their route, and expose those routes publicly.

So please, be aware of

• Your surroundings

• The changing of scenery background colors in each season

• Where the sunlight will be directed at that time of day

• Invest in neon/bright clothing that does not match the scenery, and wear it full-bodily

• Keep your ears open

• Keep your route information private

Enjoy all the benefits of walking/running, be considerate of those driving (drivers, be watchful), and all be safe!


Cynthia Dainsberg, RN, FCN



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