Cass County commissioners

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to the Cass County Commissioners Jan. 7.

Thank you for time permitted to me today to voice concerns and deliver information relative examples of how mutual agreements of understanding between Cass County and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibew are violating Cass County citizens Constitutional and Civil Rights.

At the close of my time allocated as per meeting guidelines for a speaker to present, I requested an additional two minutes to review the handouts I brought in, with a request for those handouts to be included in the meeting records.

I was denied an additional two minutes. I then requested an understanding why not, while at the same instance expressing the extremity of the concerns I voiced to the council’s table.

I very well understand rules of order for council meetings and the council chamber, and it is not uncommon for a speaker to receive additional time such as two minutes on request. If the council believes the concerns presented warrant additional time. The choice to not allow additional time, citing the council has policy that it follows, was an  absurd reason to not grant the additional two minutes I requested, especially when one considers just one of the concerns I presented, was actions of “conspiracy to commit murder, at least great bodily harm” toward me, that includes connections between tribal members and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Chairman Faron Jackson.

I ended all dialog with the council by walking out on the rhetoric that was being delivered to me by the council. That is to say, who in their right mind would stand and listen to any further comments from a council that is not willing to give two additional minutes to a  speaker who is presenting such extreme concerns relative to mutual agreements of understanding between Cass County and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe?

A very interesting rule for the Cass County Commissioner’s Meetings as noted in the  the Cass County webpage pdf. file — BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING PROCEDURES 2017 — under the heading “Public Participation at Board Meetings.”

“Each speaker will be allowed three minutes for his/her presentation unless the time limit is waived by a majority of the Board members present.”

At today’s meeting, no other Cass County Board members had input for denial to of my additional time request. The decision was made solely by the Chairman.

Joey P. Wade


The handouts I submitted at the meeting can be viewed at

In closing, I will say to Cass County constituents, tyranny comes in many forms.


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