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Leonard Zimmer of Walker was happy to rip Sen. Justin Eichorn to shreds because he runs a sporting goods store that sells guns. Oh my, the horror that he allows people to practice their constitutional rights. Then insinuating China is not the “Boogie Man” and apparently holding them harmless of the gross negligence they committed.

These are all opinions and he is certainly entitled to his. Myself I would disagree. Lastly, he rips apart the PPP loan program as being a waste and only funding the large, rich corporations. As a local businessman I can tell you to get your facts straight! You are completely off mark and very incorrect about the program and its benefits! Look to your area business people and see how many have received benefits from this program. At last report I was told your local First National Bank had approved and funded just shy of 100 percent of their applicants. An incredible feat! Every business owner I have spoken to that applied was approved with FNB. Comparing the success of my fellow local business people in obtaining loans to others I know in larger areas is mind-boggling.

The large corporate loans that were done, were done by the greedy mega-banks (you know the names of the usual suspects) that are the same ones that put the country in ruin in 2008 and were bailed out with our tax dollars. They only deal with large corporations and turned every small business away, stating they did not have time for the “little loans.” Think this is an untrue statement; ask business owners and see what you find out.

As for the Trump organization not caring about the little people, well, I wonder why a portion of the second wave of PPP loans were designated to only small banks. Guess someone got that right. November will tell the story of who people believe in and trust!

Roger P. Waters



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