Do no harm takes on new meaning

In reference to the letter to the Editor from Bill and Mary De Vries regarding the WHA School Board’s decision to do nothing to protect their students, staff and community from COVID, we have this response, “Well stated!”

In the midst of controversy, indecision often becomes the enemy.  

People of all ages contract COVID.

People of all ages die from COVID.

People of all ages spread COVID.

This pandemic does not differentiate between  people of color, children or the elderly, the rich or the poor, or what political party you call your own.

When we refuse to wear a mask or distance ourselves because we believe it is our right, we deny the right to a safe environment to others and ourselves at the same time.   All of us are at some point of frustration and tired of wearing masks.  Just when we thought we were near the end of the pandemic and able to resume a normal life, the COVID variant rose up to “bite us in the butt!”

We need to reexamine and come back to a calmer and gentler time when common sense dictated our approach to unity.  We cannot even look to our churches to unify us.  We are a divided country and a divided local community.  It is up to everyone to bring us closer to a unified approach and in doing so hold our institutions to a higher standard when making decisions that guard our safekeeping.

In spite of our frustrations, we need to unify on this one major task and work as one to eradicate this disease.

The fact is that we reach herd immunity with this pandemic when 80 percent of the population is vaccinated.  That means that 80 percent of us have to agree on the same thing!   Until then, we may never rid ourselves of this pandemic.

John and Joanna Aamodt



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