Friends, guests and family of the FWWC

Happy May! We wanted to take a moment and update you on the First Widow and Widower’s Club. The time has come for us to step back and allow others to step forward as our 13 year “season” comes to an end for us.

Life is about seasons. If we have learned anything in April it is that spring cannot begin fully until winter has ended. Snow melts and clears, precious flower shoots take life. When one season ends, another season — and the beauty of it — begins.

Over the past many months we have had and taken time to reflect and pray. Thirteen years. Thirteen years of amazing times together. Thirteen years of memories. Thirteen years of laughter and tears. We have cherished every minute of those 13 years; 156 evenings together.

What started one night serving seven beautiful women grew into something that served hundreds of amazing men and women through the past 13 years. Building things that can and will never be confined to once a month within four walls. Building things that last; friendships. We have been privileged to walk along side those grieving, and healing in this time.

Our original goal was one year; then our passion led us to five years; our commitment to 10 years; and then three more years out of love. It was an amazing 13 years!

As we step down our fervent prayer has been that others in the community would step up and step in, and continue the First Widow and Widower’s Club with a new zest and vision! The baton passed on. Perhaps it is you reading this that will carry the baton? We are available to offer encouragement, advice, resources and love to you!

We sincerely want to thank each and every individual and organization that has helped make the FWWC a successful and safe place for people to come and heal. We appreciate you!

To our amazing “guests” over the years, we love you beyond words. Each of you touched our hearts in immeasurable and forever ways! This is not the end, but simply a good-bye for now. We know the relationships formed will remain. Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. All our thanks!

Mike and Stacy Little

FWWC facilitators


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