I am concerned!

On Monday, July 27, I needed to stop at three local businesses in Walker. I was proud of the attention my friends and neighbors were giving the mask mandate in two businesses. All employees and customers were wearing masks.

In the other business, the employee was not wearing a mask (I was). After conducting my business, I commented on how sad this COVID-19 situation is. The response was [that] we are not wearing masks in our business because we’re exercising our constitutional rights under the First Amendment. My response was that I’m wearing the mask not for me, but for you.

Since my business was complete, I left without further comment.

I’m 82 years old and hope to remain in good health. The risk in compromising my health and those of loved ones can be based on as little as wearing a simple piece of cloth.

It would be considerate if businesses would post a notice by their entrance indicating their intent on complying or not complying with the mask mandate. Customers could then make an informed choice to enter.

Ken and Sonja Huber



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