At what point will Line 3 protesters accept reality, accept defeat, and accept the fact that the Line 3 pipeline is nearly complete and has no chance of being stopped?

It does not appear we will see that day come anytime soon as pipeline opposition groups continue their ridiculous protests all over the state.

From locking themselves to equipment to halting construction in Northern Minnesota, to chaining themselves to the governor’s mansion in St. Paul, these Line 3 protesters press on in their fruitless attempts to stop the Line 3 project from being completed.

The truth is this project is more than 90 percent complete after just 10 months of construction and is well on its way to completion.

It would be one thing if there were any possible way for this project to be stopped, but at this point, all legal courses of action have been exhausted following two court rulings last week on the side of the Line 3 pipeline.

It comes as no surprise that these pipeline protest groups continue to plead with folks to “come to the frontlines” and encourage people to donate to support their illegal activities. And now, one can expect that these groups are just finding their next target, the next place they can raise more money and make more headlines while gaining zero actual traction for their cause.

After so many failed attempts to halt construction on the completion of Line 3, it appears we may see a few more disastrous and desperate events before pipeline protesters are actually willing to accept defeat.

Devin Hathaway

Hill City


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