I want to tell of a recent sighting I had at my lake home on Leech Lake ... to see if anyone else had the same sighting.

On May 16 I picked up three friends from the Hayfield, Minn., area in southeast Minnesota. We started to drive to Leech around 5 p.m. and with a few stops, arrived at my lake home around midnight. The cabin is on the south shore of the main lake, seven lots west of Spirit of the North Resort.

Upon arrival, we unpacked, then sat down to play some cribbage. We quit around 3 a.m., and the others went to bed. I decided to walk down to the beach and look at the stars and lake. It was a very mild night and very dark. The moon had set; no secondary lights. I looked at the Big Dipper; very bright. Found the North Star and could see all the stars that compose the Little Dipper. The Milky Way was easy to see.

I looked toward the eastern sky to look at Cassiopeia. As soon as I looked I stopped in my tracks with astonishment. About 10 degrees below Cassiopeia was a straight line of eight stars. I KNOW that line of stars was never there before; I would have seen and remembered them. Even on a lighter night I would have seen them because they were so bright, especially the six stars in the middle.

I just sat there, staring at these stars, confused. I would look around at other stars and the lake but always came back to this very straight line of eight stars, wondering where they came from. After awhile I decided to walk out on the dock to get a broader view of the sky. ... I walked slowly as I did not want to trip on any half buried rocks on the beach. I got to the dock, walked about two sections and looked at the sky again.

Oh, my gosh! The six stars that formed the middle of the eight star line were gone; nowhere to be seen. GONE! I was so disgusted that I was not looking when they disappeared, but I did not see the way they disappeared.

I was outside for about 25 minutes. After those stars disappeared, I went in the cabin and went to bed. The  next night I set the alarm for around 3:30 a.m. and walked out to look at the sky. The two end stars were still there; the night was  much brighter, as there was a haze of northern lights.

Did anyone else see these mysterious “stars?”

Jim Burmeister

Brownsdale, MN


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