Thanks to our Cass County Republican legislators

The Cass County Republicans (basic political organizational unit) would like to extend this statement of gratitude toward Senate leader Paul Gazelka and the other Cass County legislators for their efforts in St. Paul.

As leader of the upper house, Paul made sure that fiscal responsibility prevailed in the decision making process of governing. Our state had to shoulder the effects of COVID-19, which will leave lingering indebtedness to Minnesota for some time.

Gazelka was also instrumental in stopping proposed tax hikes. He strongly advocates “law and order” to provide safety within our communities and to protect our constitutional freedoms. Paul, along with our other fine republican legislators, will continue to follow the path of fiscal responsibility, community safety and constitutional freedoms in the future.

Our other Senator Justin Eichorn (District 5) and Reps. Sandy Layman (District 5B) and John Poston (District 9A) worked very hard in supporting the same ideals that we all must preserve. Cass County, and the surrounding area that these legislators represent, must continue to support these candidates and Spenser Igo (District 5B) and Matt Bliss (District 5A) in November. A special thanks to Layman who retired due to family health care.

Fredrick R. Hage

Cass County Republicans BPOU chairman


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