WHA students mock George Floyd’s death

Two High schoolers in northern Minnesota are seen mocking the death of George Floyd during class. The act was performed April 23 during a fourth-hour period. The heinous act was committed at Walker-Hackensack-Akeley High School. The act was to take aim at the current ruling of Mr. Derek Chauvin and mock the death of George Floyd.

The act took place with the two boys reenacting the infamous scene of Chauvin pinning his knee behind Floyd’s neck. The picture that followed was captioned with the following, “Never forget Mr. Floyd.” What followed was mass share and screenshots of the situation that made its way to many alumni who used to attend said school.

A girl who was in the class at the time, described the scene as disturbing as the teacher [allegedly] said to “let it go.” The story was immediately shared around social media and had made its rounds on Facebook with many responding how sick and disgusting it is to see their former school tainted by a distasteful joke that not only mocked people of color, but those who fought for justice. The following act has not been dealt with as [far as] we know.

WHA is a school whose history is to just sweep controversy under the rug. Racial insensitivity has been around, and it is time for Walker, Minn., to finally be held accountable.

Raul Garcia

WHA alumni/MSUM Dragon


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