Tuesday [Nov. 9], the day we left to start our journey at the State Volleyball Tournament, our school and community celebrated us and gathered together to send us off!

The excitement and love that was present that day was one of a kind. As we were traveling we bonded on the long bus ride and stopped along the way at Crumbl Ccookie (one of our favorites). After we arrived, we got settled into our hotel, and got ready for the state banquet.

We had a nice meal at the banquet, and got to see all of the other teams as well as the players who got awards this year. It was a very cool experience and it was a fun night out together.

The next morning, we went to the Xcel Center and watched the Class AAA and AAAA schools. It was very cool to watch these teams, for they were extremely good.

As the day went on, we ate good meals, and enjoyed each other’s presence. We also practiced this day at Channhassen High School, and were very grateful that we were able to do so!

Thursday was a slow morning. We went to the Xcel to watch a few games. Then we joined a few school’s fan sections. That was a blast! After that we went to the locker room, where we set our goals for the game and we prayed as a team.

We played No. 3 Seed Legacy Christian Academy. Our team went into the state tournament unseeded so we had to fight hard to beat Legacy in three sets. After the game we ordered Applebees and celebrated as team at the hotel!

Friday we loaded the bus to go to the Xcel once again. We watched a couple Class AAAA teams play before we had to go get ready for our game. Later we headed down to the locker room to set goals together and pray as a team.

We then played Minneota and lost in three sets. It was a very competitive game but we all had so much fun playing anyway. Later that night we went to the Outback Steak House. We came back to the hotel that night and finished off the night with some team bonding!

Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast at our hotel. We then went to the Xcel Center to watch a couple of games. We braided each other’s hair and then proceeded to go into the locker room to get ready for our game.

Our pre-game warmup is running, plyos and a lot of singing. We headed out on the court and played what would be our last game ever. We put our hearts on the court, and even though we didn’t win, we had a blast playing together as a family! We are so thankful for our fans who continuously cheered for us!

On our way back home we walked through Starbucks, Wendy’s and Arby’s drive through. We played Mofia and sang our favorite songs on the bus ride to kill time.

Once we got back to Walker, we had a welcome home party! We ate pizza and had a great rest of our night as we were proud of what we accomplished at the tournament!

The whole team is so beyond thankful for the support from the community and all of the love we received. We are so blessed to have an amazing community that stood behind us throughout the season!

WHA Wolves Volleyball Team


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