What is happening?

What has happened to the conservation of our natural resources in our lives?

We are noticing much larger homes being built with more windows, and vehicles which are also much larger. Sure, the efficiency has been improved, but  with the size increase, we are back to square one when we are trying to reduce fossil fuel emissions — and hence global warming and climate change in an effort to slow the deterioration of our one and only planet.

We must consider the quality of life our children will be dealing with, and it won’t be good.

Some naysayers say it’s not happening, but consecutive photos taken from our satellites show increasing shrinkage of the north and south ice caps, while the oceans have been proven to be warming and rising.

We desperately need a wake-up call and leadership from the top to quickly change course in our actions. Time is wasting.

We are members of the animal kingdom with “supposedly” a “superior” brain, so let’s use it. This change of course can be taken by not falling for the denial by money-mad people leading us down the wrong path.

I’m not a Democrat, I’m an Independent, common sense person. This is real and very concerning. So let’s demand the TRUTH for a change and take action.

Bob Paulsen



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