What’s the message here?

The message in our small town is “shop locally.”

How supportive is our new city clerk and all the people charged with keeping our streets and CURBS cleared?

I got out of my car in front of the dry cleaners and navigated very carefully over ice and mounds of snow to the sidewalk. I then  drove to the drug store where I again encountered ridges of ice. I walked the street to the corner where there was a cleared spot, to get to the sidewalk.

The post office was the same, although people complained enough to get some cleared.

I came to Bemidji to Target and  — WOW! A cleared parking lot and no ice.

I guess I have become more aware of the dangers of ice after breaking my kneecap last February. I have joined the ranks of the partially disabled.

Falls are not welcomed.

Alice Groth

“I love Walker” resident


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