Where will the money come from to repair pipelines?

Apparently MN House of Representatives member Pete Stauber read my letter to The Pilot-Independent published Dec. 9, 2020, regarding the possible dangers of the pipeline being constructed in our area.

Although I didn’t contact him, he recently wrote a letter to me stating his apparently irreversible support of “responsible development of critical minerals in Northeast Minnesota.” He applauded the Trump administration’s reversal of an earlier Obama administration policy limiting such development, citing the jobs that would become available in the region.

This reminds me of an earlier time, when the dumping of massive amounts of taconite tailings into Lake Superior was defended by politicians because of supposed economic necessity. Of course, this altered the quality of the lake and it was Judge Miles Lord who was instrumental in stopping this practice.

“Jobs” are a common way for politicians to defend the indefensible. The proper way to institute job creation in northern Minnesota falls into two vital areas, alternative energy sources and infrastructure concerns. The Biden administration has pledged to work on exactly that.

It is the trend of the future, and if we have less reliance on pipeline distribution of natural gas, for example, and the lines fall into disrepair, where will the money to repair the lines come? Are companies currently involved putting aside money for that repair, or will it be the taxpayers of the future who will be on the hook for such monies? Think of the Clinton administration and the toxic waste dumps and their clean-up...

Get real!

Carol Gall



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