On June 30 the [Walker-Hackensack-Akeley] District 113 School Board held a special meeting to discuss and vote on three different items — the superintendent’s contract, the Joint Powers Agreement regarding the Level 4 facility, and the city of Walker’s request for us to either [quit] claim deed to them, sell or trade for another piece of property, the current property the district has an easement on from the city on Tower Avenue next to the Community Center. This is where our community gardens are currently located.

After much discussion we decided to retain our easement for our future use as a district. After our decision became public some people wanted clarification as to why we made our decision to keep the easement. Our reasoning was multifaceted.

We need to consider our community garden space. We may someday use it for an additional ball field site, perhaps for an agricultural site for agricultural classes, which we do not have at this time. These were a few of the board’s considerations for keeping it, along with the fact that it is the perfect location for the district for future school projects, if needed.

If we were to let it go now and had a future need for property, we would never find anything that was remotely as close to our current school campus as this piece of property.

Hopefully, this letter has helped clear up any question community members have regarding this decision.

Respectfully yours,

Barbara Sherman

WHA School Board chair


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