I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Ben Lindstrom for the past 10 years. In this time, I have seen firsthand how much he cares for the people of this county and the people he works with every day. Ben is the most selfless person I know!

Ben has experience in both defense and prosecution sides of the law, which is the right experience.  He has a family that I have had the opportunity to hang out with and get to know, and wow, Ben and his wife Lindsay are truly amazing people. We are so very lucky to have Ben as [the Cass] County Attorney, and as residence of this county.

Ben has a vested interest in our area. He cares about the people’s rights; he is not a special-interest person; he is a people person. Ben may not have gone through a governor’s partisan selection process or checked the political boxes for the governor.

Please understand that there is so much more to a candidate than what a few people who are not even from around here think. We, the people, are the right “vetting” process. Please make no mistake, this is one of the most important race in the Ninth Judicial District!

Don’t just vote for [Judge] Halverson because he is an incumbent appointed by the governor who has all but forgotten about us up here. Is that what we in the Ninth Judicial want up here? Is that what we deserve? I don’t think so and I believe that come Election Day, the people of the Ninth Judicial District will make the right choice and vote out the incumbent.

A judge should represent the values of the district they serve. Ben Lindstrom is this person. A vote for Ben Lindstrom is a vote for a candidate with the right experience.

Aaron Ammerman

Public servant since 2004



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