Republicans’ effort to divide our state

I get angry when I read something from a politician that indicates he thinks we are all so stupid we believe what he writes and we are too lazy to check out what he says.

The article by Rep. Matt Bliss is a good example of this. Rep. Bliss is poorly educated for the position he holds so he probably doesn’t understand what is actually going on and he feels this is the only way he can win an election.

The attack on our capitol on Jan. 6 shows that the Republican Party is now composed of people who believe anything they are told, no matter how ridiculous; people who will lie and deceive those people to get what they want and hate groups such as the white nationalists, anti-Muslim, black separatists, and three groups of general hate which are located in Minnesota. There are now 940 active hate groups operating in the United States.

Matt Bliss’s article is a blatant attempt to appeal to those groups by adding to the division in this country which will cause our eventual destruction.

According to the site he referenced “...all new vehicles sold in Minnesota since 2012 currently meet the Low Emission Vehicle standard. Between 2012 and 2020, the United States only had one, unified standard-meaning the federal standard was aligned with the LEV standard. In March 2020, the federal government ‘under Trump’ rolled back existing emissions standards, which could mean weaker environmental protections for our state if we don’t act.”

This has nothing to do with California’s car standards. Rep. Bliss is merely trying to divide us by using terms like “California’s whims.” His description of California’s regulations shows his ignorance of California’s pollution problems.

I drove on California’s eight lane highways back in 1966 and could not believe the number of cars even back then. Imagine how many cars there are today, together with the large amount of pollution in the air they cause.

Rep. Bliss’s statement “ another example of the governor and his liberal colleagues pushing metro-centric policies on Greater Minnesota. Twin Cities elites...”  are all words designed to appeal to the ignorant and further divide us. We should be grateful that the metro areas do well since they give us back more in state aid than we pay in taxes to the state. We would have much poorer roads and schools without the extra aid they send to us.

Rep. Bliss’s statement, “One Minnesota slogan is nothing more than lip service and that we in Greater Minnesota take a back seat to the metro liberal agenda that guides him” is another attempt to divide us. Many of us are alive today because Gov. Walz would not listen to Republicans effort to ignore COVID-19 and open up the state. Minnesota has done well under liberal Democrats, and politicians like Matt Bliss would make us another Mississippi or Louisiana. Our political leaders should set an example to encourage us to be better people. It’s disgusting when they appeal to our worst instincts for their own political advancement.

It has been a long time since Republicans were the majority in state wide elections. I believe the growth in Minnesota over the past 10 years was in the metro area and redistricting will cause any rural district to become much larger while the metro area will pick up more legislative districts. We must hope the Democrats will still financially support us to the same extent they do today.

Make America Great is a good slogan but I have seen many reporters interview Republicans on YouTube and none of them can say what or when was America great. It was when they were ruled by Roosevelt progressives. Republican tax cuts which made America a two-class upper and lower society was what destroyed the middle class, and it is getting worse as the rich control our news outlets.

Leonard Zimmer



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