How well does the city of Walker communicate?

Just read in The Pilot about the Walker Library building being for sale. Surprise!

I remember when the discussion first came up a few years ago about the city of Walker needing a new library. The question then was would the old building be torn down and rebuilt at the same location or should they look for a new building. It went back and forth and finally, the last the citizens of Walker heard, was that the library would be rebuilt at the same location.

The library moved to a temporary location with this in mind and construction would start. Now we learn that the library building and land are for sale and another site is to be found. Have not seen nor heard any discussion on this. Unless the building is unsafe, why couldn’t the library have stayed where it was until new accommodations could be made?  

Previously, this same lack of communication occurred on the street project of Railroad Avenue. Seems many citizens were not aware that Railroad Avenue was going to be narrowed and made into a one-way street. Ironically, the one way is going away from downtown, not into downtown.

The single one-way street was being done to accommodate the bike trail. OK. When the street work was done this summer, many new sidewalks were installed on other streets but not on Railroad Avenue. People have now been using the bike trail to walk on along Railroad Avenue.

Now that it has snowed, the sidewalks have been nicely cleared, so what’s the beef? The nice concrete bike trail along Railroad Avenue is not being cleared of snow forcing people to walk in that narrow one-way street.

There is some information that gets passed on to the people and then it seems, bang! a whole new scenario takes place and a decision is made without any input.

Why has the city not kept the citizens of Walker better informed of these major developments? Is the city enlisting input from the citizens prior to making these decisions? Does the city not care what its citizens want or think?

Sandy Randall



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