Where do we want to go?

Election year and big choices are looming. The United States is no longer the dominant force in the free world having yielded it’s place to countries with compassionate, people-oriented governments.

Germany’s Angela Merkel has held the role since early in the Trump presidency when he and the Republican Party withdrew from international agreements on climate change, nuclear arms in Iran, downplayed the importance  of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, relegated  the United Nations to an ineffective spectator in world affairs — everything both parties worked hard to achieve before Reagan (government is not the solution, government is the problem) philosophy that  both Bushes, Trump and the Republican Party have followed religiously ever since.

For what gain?

It must be to “Make America Great Again,” whatever that means. Is it measured only in the stock market? Or do more mundane things like trust, honesty, fairness, empathy, equal opportunity — those tenets designed  to lead to quality education/training, comprehensive health care, equal  justice for all, security for ourselves and world neighbors, freedom from hunger, adequate housing, safe food, water and air, preparedness for natural and man-made disasters, an economic and physical infra-structure all can use to grow in prosperity with adequate income for later years.

Don’t years and the affirmation of values mean more  than counting the dollars pile up with every million computer trades on the market having little or no positive effects on the lives of the ordinary working class? There is real work to be done requiring the talents and energy of all Americans focusing on actual essential and visionary programs to sustain and enhance successes of the past while planning and executing real  projects rather than wasting time and resources supporting empty  political slogans with no definite end items to measure success by.

We can and must do better or be written off like countries now on the trash heap of history whose people meekly yielded  their rights and responsibilities in democratic governance to the false promises of ambitious and clever  masters of deception.

Sound familiar? Today, a few  are living their dream, but too many are left behind  living a nightmare.

Lee Purrier

Park Rapids


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