Lipless crank baits are effective all season long.

Most anglers think crankbaits are created equal, but they are not. When you look at the shelves at the retailers, you can be overcome with confusion because there are literally hundreds of choices.

The past couple of seasons, I have been experimenting with “lipless” crankbaits with huge success. They are unique, and most notably, they have no plastic lip on the front like traditional crankbaits.

Here is a primer on putting these awesome baits into action.

Horizontal retrieve

Most crankbaits have a tendency to dive upon retrieve and the heavy plastic lip on the front makes the bait dive. The lipless crankbait features no lip which makes the bait come back in a horizontal position. In other words, the bait will come back on a straight line once the retrieve has begun.

This zero diving ability helps keep the bait above the weeds and with a little practice you will be able to target a specific depth upon your retrieve.


Most lipless crankbaits feature a built-in rattle with a series of BB’s that make a very loud rattle. I believe rattle baits are very valuable and effective on out-state lakes but rather unproductive on metro waters.

Metro game fish have seen lots of rattles and I believe they are overexposed to them, thus  making them rattle shy. There is no doubt the rattle is effective on less pressured waters and I have seen that correlation come true over the years.


Normally I don’t get hung up on color, but I firmly believe the lipless baits work well using a chrome or silver hue that really is visible from long distances. The darker colors haven’t been nearly as effective for me.

The lipless crankbait should be one of your primary weapons and spending the time on the water to learn them will put more fish in your boat — promise!


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