The Lady Wolves closed out their volleyball season by winning their final four matches, losing only one set in the process as they finish with a 10-1 record.

In their final match Nov. 17, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley beat host Clearbrook-Gonvick 25-9, 25-12 and 25-5.

The Wolves were +0.44 hitting, had a serve-receive rating at 1.86, had 12 aces and for the fourth straight match served at 90 percent or better.

Of the 35 kills recorded, Katie Sagen had a team-high 10. Aleah Tabbert and Paige Hildenbrandt each had seven, Kali Oelschlager five, Kara Oberfell three, Alexa Johannsen two and Lizzie Naugle one. In only her third full match of the season, Oberfell had 26 assists. Sagen had four assists and Naugle three.

Naugle (11-11), Sagen (11-11) and Mackenzie Raddatz (1-1) were perfect on serve with Sagen having four aces. Oelschlager (8-9) with one ace, Oberfell (13-15) with two aces and Johannsen (18-21) with five aces also had a nice night serving.

Defensively, Naugle led with 17 digs, Sagen had five and Oberfell four.

Wolves win in four

The Wolves had a tough match at Fertile-Beltrami Nov. 13, but they were able to hang on by winning in four sets at 25-20, 25-16, 21-25 and 25-19.

WHA finished the match serving at 94 percent, had a 2.32 serve-receive rating and finished with 10 aces.

Sagen led with 14 kills, Tabbert had 12, Oelschlager seven, Hildenbrandt four, with Naugle and Oberfell each having one. Oberfell also finished with 37 assists.

Sagen (18-18) with one ace and Raddatz (7-7) with one ace were perfect on serve, while Tabbert (14-15) and Oelschlager (12-13) only missed one serve. Leading the way with aces was Oberfell with three, Naugle and Johannsen each had two, and Tabbert had one.

On the defensive side, Naugle had 25 digs, Sagen 16 digs, Oberfell seven digs, and Gwendolyn DeVries, Oelschlager and Johannsen with five digs each.

WHA wins in three

The Wolves made quick work of host Kelliher-Northome Nov. 12, winning in three sets by scores of 25-7, 25-19 and 25-21.

WHA served at 93 percent with 14 aces, had a serve-receive rating of 1.79 and had 22 fewer errors than the Mustangs.

Naugle (18-18) and Gwendolyn DeVries (6-6) were perfect on serve, while Oberfell (13-14), Johannsen (11-12), Sagen (9-10), Tabbert (7-8) and Oelschlager (5-6) only missed one serve. Johannsen led with five aces, Oberfell had four, with Naugle, Sagen, DeVries, Oelschlager and Tabbert each having one.

Sagen led with nine kills, Tabbert had six, Hildenbrandt three and Oelschlager two kills.

Leading the way on defense was Naugle with nine digs, Oberfell had seven, Sagen five digs and Johannsen four.

Wolves sweep Nevis

WHA swept visiting Nevis 25-16, 27-25 and 25-19 Nov. 10, beating one of their fiercest rivals for the third straight time.

The Wolves had a 1.80 serve-receive rating, recorded 32 kills, was +0.072 on hitting and served at 91 percent.

Sagen led with 10 kills, Tabbert had nine, Oelschlager finished with six kills and Sea had four.

The serving leaders were Strandlie (15-15), Oelschlager (14-15) with two aces, Sagen (12-13), Naugle (10-11), Tabbert (4-5) and Sea (10-12) with three aces. Strandlie also had 25 assists.

On the defensive side, Naugle led with 19 digs, Sea had 16, Sagen 11 and Oelschlager nine.


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