Personal fitness trainer Eve Vrudny

Help support Personal Trainer Eve Vrudny of Walker as she competes to represent Walker and the surrounding community at the Arnold USA Classic.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Competition, sponsored by Status Fitness Magazine, was created for not only the fittest competitors but also reflects on the dedication each individual has worked for and sacrificed to show that anything is possible. The winner also gets $10,000 and Arnold himself will visit the winner’s hometown. The competition is ranked one of the biggest expos in the United States, aside from the Mr. Olympia Body Building Competition.

“I never thought fitness would be a huge part of my life. I have had a rough start trying to accomplish getting a degree in college and have a career that wouldn’t have made me happy or excited to pursue. I fell into a hard time taking care of myself health wise and knew that how I felt made me even more miserable,” Eve said. “It wasn’t until a year ago I turned to a friend who is a personal trainer and competition prep coach to help me get on my feet again. When I moved back home from Minneapolis last August, I invested in taking my training more seriously. The title “crazy girl” came into play when I started working out twice a day.”

Eve lost more than 40 pounds since August 2018 and is now a NASM-certified personal trainer in Walker.

About a month ago, Eve ran into this competition and thought why not give it a shot. “I saw it as a reward for myself. so I sent in my application.”

Three weeks later Eve received an official phone call and email that she was hand-picked as a contestant.

“At first, I thought this was a joke as the lady explained that they never had a contestant from Minnesota, let alone Walker. I gladly accepted the opportunity,” Eve said. “As I looked into this competition, I wanted to do more. If I were to win, I want to donate the $10,000 to the Walker Area Community Center as well as the after-school programs. People have also asked me why not have the savings to myself. But I have learned so much, the time I have been alive. I am learning now being home that this community is so much more and deserves more. We are a family. We look out for each other during the good, the bad, the hard and the joyous times.”

Eve said the community center has been a second home and therapy for her. Along with the competition, she plans to offer programs for all ages and rehabilitation for Armed Forces members, veterans and civilians.

“I know what it is like to suffer through PTSD. Maybe not experiencing what they do but I know the after-effects. Fitness is so much more. It can be fun, challenging rewarding. It also for many is not only physical therapy. It’s also a mental escape as well,” Eve said.

Eve recently she started her own fitness and personal training business in the hopes of making a difference when it comes to health and wellness for all ages. She offers online training and also personal training packages at the WACC. For information call (320) 216-5407 or email

“I do hope that the town of Walker can help me move to the second round of this competition by voting for me and helping me represent our town,” Eve added.

Voting begins Oct. 16 on the website, Every vote counts. Let’s help bring Eve Vrudny to the next round.


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