There are a lot of questions heading into the 2020-21 football season for both the NFL and college. Will there be an entire season or will COVID-19 rear its ugly head once again? Will the Big Ten and Pac 12 decide to play football? And who will win the College Football Playoff?

Yes, there will be a College Football Playoff, but it looks like it will be played without the Big Ten and Pac 12! I expect it will be Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame or Georgia who will win it.

Three of the five big college conferences — SEC, ACC and Big 12 — and some other conferences have decided to proceed with their seasons despite that fact that a large number students at colleges in the South have tested positive. I guess we can “live” by Capt. Kirk Cousins’ motto: “Only the fit will survive, or “If I die, I die.” It was something like that!

My Friday nights — actually all my nights — are open now that the MSHSL has postponed football and volleyball to next spring. I can’t wait to go to a football game next March with two feet of snow on the ground and temperatures in the 30’s. I might have to get out my snow shoes so I can traverse the sidelines.

Now let’s get into my predictions for the NFL season.

I’m picking Green Bay or Chicago, and maybe Minnesota to win the NFC North.  I still see Capt. Kirk as a mediocre quarterback, but last year he finally won his first playoff game. Super Bowl or Bust!

Dallas will easily win the East and will be a strong candidate to win the entire NFC now that Mike McCarthy is the head coach.

San Francisco should win the West Division, but I’m not sure they will get back to the Super Bowl. Kyle Shanahan’s inept play calling in the fourth quarter cost them a Super Bowl win!

I’m taking New Orleans or Tampa Bay to win the South. Tom Brady, “The Kid,” and Drew “I can’t get my foot out of my mouth fast enough” Breese have all the weapons and talent around them to get to the Super Bowl and win it!

As for the AFC, New England’s days of winning the East Division will end. I see Buffalo as the champs with the Pats second.

Will Baltimore win the North or will Big Ben and Steelers have something to say about that? By the time the dust settles, it will be the Ravens with the Browns grabbing a wild card.

In the West Division, I don’t see anyone but Kansas City. The Raiders will have a nice season, but that’s it!

The toughest division to predict is the South once again. Will it be Houston, who chocked against Kansas City in the playoffs, Indianapolis and new quarterback Phillip Rivers, Jacksonville or Tennessee? I see three teams sitting at 9-7 or 10-6, with Tennessee ultimately coming out on top.

If anyone wants to know who I picked to win the Super Bowl in my fall predictions, it was Kansas City. This year I’m taking Baltimore over Tampa Bay!

As for my predictions this week, let’s go with Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Tennessee getting road wins, with New England, Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Francisco, New Orleans and Minnesota winning at home. Go Vikes!


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