Will the real Minnesota Vikings team please stand up!

Last week they looked dismal at Cincinnati, but Sunday was a different story. The offensive line protected Kirk Cousins and opened up gaping holes for Dalvin Cook to run through.

As for the defense, Minnesota gave up way too many big plays. The two interceptions, with one returned for a touchdown, kept the Vikings in the lead, but with the game on the line, Minnesota’s offensive gurus went conservative and played for the field goal. That’s the difference between a team that wants to win and one playing not to lose.

I’m surprised that Coach Mike Zimmer didn’t toss Greg Joseph out of the plane on the way home. Before we throw Joseph too far under the bus, he did make two 52-yarders and the week before made an even longer one to send it into overtime.

I still put all the fault on Zimmer and Captain Kirk. For the second week in a row he didn’t throw a deep ball to either Adam Thielen of Justin Jefferson, two of the fastest and most talented receivers in the game. How frustrating for Vikings fans!

Some may be encouraged by an 0-2 start, with the two losses by a combined four points, but I’m a skeptic. Sunday’s loss was a gut punch. With Captain Kirk at the helm I expect to see more of it. If the Vikings need eight yards on third down, Kirk will throw the ball for five yards.

The winner of the week was Richard Taatjes at 14-4.

I went 2-1 in college games as Air Force blew a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter and 11-4 in the NFL. I would have done better but both Seattle and Kansas City choked. Tennessee and Baltimore are good teams, but for the Seahawks and Chiefs to blow double-digit leads was inexcusable. It reminded me of the Vikings’ loss, but their 13-point lead was in the first half, not in the fourth quarter.

Las Vegas’ win at Pittsburgh was a great surprise, while New Orleans losing badly at Carolina shows the Saints won’t be that good without Brees.

In Week 3 games, I’m taking Arkansas, Wisconsin, TCU and UCLA in college games.

As for the NFL, let’s go with Tennessee, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New England, Buffalo, Denver, Las Vegas, LA Rams, San Francisco and Dallas to win at home.

The games I might be wrong about are the Rams beating Tampa Bay and San Francisco over Green Bay. I also wonder if Dallas can beat Philadelphia and Kansas City can take out the Chargers.

So, that means Baltimore will beat Detroit, Arizona over Jacksonville and Seattle will beat the hapless Vikings. Captain Kirk can’t beat Russell Wilson, and our poor kicker is going to miss another field goal or extra point that could cost him his job.


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