The Minnesota Vikings looked great on the opening possession of their game with Cleveland as Kirk Cousins took them down the field and connected with Justin Jefferson for a touchdown.

At the same time the announcers were fawning over Cousins and showing graphs of his offensive stats over the last five years compared to other quarterbacks. I was waiting for the chart that shows his lack  of come-from-behind wins, how many times he has fumbled the ball, how he panics when under pressure and what his overall record is as a starter.

As for the rest of Sunday’s game, well, let’s just say the offense stunk it up, while the defense played well, holding the Browns to only 14 points.

Both Cousins and Baker Mayfield played badly. Baker missed several wide-open receivers and was sacked a handful of times, while Capt. Kirk had more time to throw the ball but still couldn’t drive his team down the field and score the game-tying touchdown. His last throw was so bad he couldn’t throw it 30 yards into the end zone.

Yeah, show all the graphs you like; what matters to us Vikings’ fans who had to watch this average quarterback lose another game. Remember, he’s getting paid $33 million a year to take this team to the playoffs. In the three years he’s been in Minnesota he’s won one playoff game and has yet to take the Vikings to the NFC championship. Case Keenum did that in his first and only year and Coach Mike Zimmer and GM Rick Spielman got rid of him.

When this season is over, it’s time for both of them to go. The Capt. Kirk experiment needs to be over.

As for the Gophers, they bounced back and beat Purdue. Next up is Nebraska Oct. 16. By they way, Wisconsin, Michigan and Penn State are not on the schedule this year, but Maryland is. Yippee!

Winning the week was Ron Paulson at 13-5. I also finished the week 13-5. What was I thinking picking the Vikings to win!

This week I’m taking Iowa, Georgia, Oklahoma and Ole Miss in college games, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas beat the Sooners or Arkansas bested Mississippi.

In the NFL, let’s go with New Orleans, New England, Green Bay, Tennessee, Cleveland and Buffalo on the road, with Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Las Vegas, Dallas, Arizona, Baltimore and, yes, Minnesota winning at home. There’s no chance they will lose to Detroit, the worst team in the NFL.


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