I can’t wait for Saturday to get here. Not only do the WHA Wolves get to play an afternoon game, but it also marks the opening of the Big 10 and Golden Gophers season as they host Michigan with the Little Brown Jug — the oldest trophy in college football — up for grabs.

Last year the Gophers had an incredible season, finishing it up by beating SEC powerhouse Auburn in their bowl game.

Now let’s get to the NFL and the stinking Vikings. I think Coach Mike Zimmer and his team thought the bye week came a week early as they played like they weren’t even on the field. Captain Kirk Cousins threw a pick on the Vikings’ first offensive play that Atlanta turned into an easy touchdown. On the next series Minnesota went three-and-out and the Falcons marched down the field and got a field goal.

Do you see where this is going? Yes, Atlanta kept driving down the field and scoring. And when Minnesota did force a turnover they squandered a scoring chance on a first-and-goal from the two and failed on a fourth-down run.

Just like last week on the fourth-down run that Seattle stopped, and the one Atlanta stopped, there was a lack of execution by the Vikings.

I had no problem with Zimmer going for it against Atlanta. He needed to do something to wake up his team. It  didn’t work. They’re already in hibernation mode, or maybe the No. 1 pick in the 2021 draft. Can anyone say new quarterback?

The next time Minnesota got the ball Captain Kirk threw another pick. That’s nine already in just over five games! But wait, Kirk got the hat trick as he threw his third pick as Atlanta led 20-0 at the half. Game! Set! Match!

At least I don’t have to watch them this weekend.

Winning the week was Dee Lau at 11-3 — the LSU at Florida game was postponed. I did much better at 11-3.

This week I’m taking Minnesota, Iowa State, Auburn, Cincinnati and Ohio State in college ball. In the pros, let’s go with Tennessee, New Orleans, LA Chargers, New England and LA Rams at home, with Green Bay, Cleveland, Seattle, Kansas City and Tampa Bay winning on the road.


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