Minnesota sports fans have a lot to celebrate this week as the Gophers and Vikings both won last weekend.

The Gophers improved to 5-0 and this week have a tough home game with Nebraska, while the Vikings went on the road and crushed the Giants.

There would be more celebrating if the Twins hadn’t choked in the playoffs like they always do when they play the Yankees. So much for this time being different from the last thousand times they won the division but couldn’t win one playoff game.

Before everyone gets all giddy and thinks the Vikings have fixed the problems, let’s not forget that the Giants have a rookie quarterback and have the 25th-ranked pass defense. Kirk Cousins played better, but he still held onto the ball too long. He plays afraid, and when you do that, you make mistakes.

Something else great that happened Sunday was Oakland beating Chicago in London. How many of you had that one? Not me! Now if Dallas would have shown up, I’d be really happy!

Other outcomes that upset me Saturday were Air Force and Auburn both losing on the road. Now, I wanted Florida to win, but I didn’t think they would win in the Swamp. As for Air Force, I’m bummed!

In the NFL, I didn’t think Buffalo, Denver, Arizona and Indianapolis would also win on the road.

Winning the week was Debbie Fisher, following her son who won last week, at 13-5.

I could say there were lots of upsets last week, but either way, I stank it up. I looked like Cousins against the Chicago Bears’ defense. I finished 9-9. Ugh!

If you think last week’s games were a toss-up, this week is worse yet. In the college ranks, I have no idea who is going to win, so I’ll just wing it!

Let’s go with the Gophers, Sooners, Memphis, Tigers and Penn State in the NCAA. As for the pros, I’m taking Carolina, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas and Pittsburgh on the road, and Miami, Kansas City, Cleveland, Baltimore, Denver, Green Bay, LA Rams and Minnesota at home. Philly really scares me, though, especially with Cousins at quarterback.


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