So how many Vikings’ fans still think Kirk Cousins is going to lead his team to the Super Bowl?

Are you starting to realize he’s not the answer, and that Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer made a career-ending decision to sign this never-will-be-a-good quarterback to a record contract?

“He’s terrrrrrible!” is what Charles Barkley would say. I think he’s a bad quarterback, and I’ve said it since day one, back when Case Keenum was leading the Vikings to the NFC championship game at Philly, in what seemed like a decade ago.

Minnesota’s defense played badly in that game, but Case was never Zimmer’s guy. He wanted Cousins, and this is what we have to live with — a team with lots of talent and a quarterback who fumbles more than any other quarterback.

Mr. Cousins has fumbled the ball 45 times since 2015. He also has a losing record as a quarterback against teams with winning records.

Granted the Vikings’ defense didn’t play that well to start the game, but they had several starters out while Minnesota’s offense was intact. All Kirk did is overthrow wide-open receivers, throw into double-and triple-coverage, and lose the game. Afterwards, he told the press that his final pick is not indicitive of his career.

That’s all he does is turn the ball over at the worst time. His career passing yards look good, but not when you compare them to his win-loss ratio. That’s what we get for $84 million.

Enough about that game; let’s talk about some of the others. The evil New Orleans Saints lost Drew Brees for several weeks and the game to the Rams. So much for the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh also lost Big Ben and any hopes of winning the division. That leaves the door wide open for Baltimore or Cleveland.

Kansas City and New England look unbeatable in the AFC, while in the NFC Dallas looks to be playing the best right now.

Winning the week with a 14-4 record was Mitch Altum. He edged Richard Taatjes on the tie-breaker.

Todd Felix was tied with Mitch and Richard going into the Monday night game, but he didn’t circle a choice on his entry form. Ugh!

I finished the week 13-5, thanks to Mr. Cousins!

This week I’m taking Wisconsin, Auburn and Georgia in college ranks.

In the NFL, let’s go with Minnesota, Buffalo, Philly, New England, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Green Bay, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle and LA Chargers at home, while the NY Giants, Carolina, LA Rams and Chicago will win on the road.


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