The boo birds came out early as the Vikings looked pathetic in the first half of Sunday’s home game against Denver.

Minnesota fell behind 17-0 as they punted in the first four possession with only two first downs. The Broncos had more than 200 yards of offense in the first half compared to Minnesota’s 47.

It reminded me a lot of how badly Minnesota played against winless Buffalo last year where Kirk Cousins fumbled twice and the Bills led big at the half and easily won the game. Oh, Mr. $84 Million Man did it again, right after the defense forced a second straight Denver punt, when he was hit and fumbled.

Then there were the stupid self-inflicted penalties and other turnovers that negated a big pass play to Stefon Diggs and gave Denver the ball back late in the second quarter with a 17-0 lead. Why is the return man bringing the ball out of the end zone with just over one minute remaining and Minnesota having all three time outs? Denver recovered the fumble but Andrew Sendejo made a nice interception and the Vikings were in business.

I’m sorry, I forgot; Captain Kirk was taking the first half off. Cousins, who was outplayed by Brandon Allen in only his second career start, held onto the ball way too long and was sacked again. He’s so afraid to throw the ball down the field and give his receivers a chance to make the plays.

And the commentators are saying Cousins isn’t playing all that bad. What game are you watching? Minnesota was flat and Denver was aggressive by taking some chances and throwing the ball down the field. The Broncos even had a wide receiver throw a deep completion that set up a first-half score.

I don’t care if Denver has a good defense — open up the play book!

Some might say this was bound to happen after an emotional win Sunday night at Dallas, but I don’t buy that. This is a 7-3 team hosting a 3-6 team that has a quarterback making only his second start and first on the road.

Dallas had no trouble bouncing back from an emotional loss to go on the road and win!

Still, the Vikings turned it around and took the second-half kickoff right down the field with Cousins finding a wide open tight end for a touchdown.

Minnesota scored touchdowns on all four second-half possessions for a 27-23 win, thanks to a defense that bent but didn’t break.

Good thing for us Vikings’fans that they have a bye week this weekend, as our tickers can’t take this every week.

There were two people who finished 17-1 and three others at 16-2. Richard Taatjes and Brooke Wynn only missed on the Minnesota at Iowa game, with Taatjes winning on the tie-breaker.

Todd Felix and Gail Ringstrom both picked Minnesota over Iowa and Carolina to beat Atlanta, and Andrew Anderson had the Iowa game right but picked Carolina and Jacksonville to win. I went 15-3.

This week I’m taking Minnesota to bounce back and beat Northwestern, and Ohio State, Baylor, Oregon, SMU, Georgia and USC in the other college games.

In the NFL, let’s go with Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, New Orleans, Tennessee, New England and San Francisco at home, while I’m taking Seattle, Detroit, Oakland and Baltimore to win on the road.

Sorry Atlanta, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay fans, but I didn’t include your games.


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