The real Kirk Cousins showed up Sunday, as he once again couldn’t beat a team with a winning record. Matt Moore, despite getting sacked several times, out-played the $84 million man.

He put together two drives in the final minutes of the fourth quarter as Kansas City kicked the tying and winning field goals for a 26-23 win.

Cousins had a couple nice plays, but he couldn’t complete a pass in Minnesota’s last two drives with a 23-20 lead after the defense forced a punt. He also missed a deep pass where Stefon Digs had a step on the defender. A better throw and Diggs has an easy touchdown. That was also the only deep ball Cousins threw.

When the running game isn’t working, he has to make the throws. A lot of his passes were wide or high. Diggs, the best Vikings’ receiver on the field, had only one catch for four yards. That’s terrible! When the game is on the line the Vikings did not perform up to their capabilities, and that falls on Cousins.

A good quarterback wins that game, but not Kirk. He is average at best. Moore looked more like a good quarterback and not a former high school football coach, which is what he was a couple of months ago.

In the two years the former Michigan State quarterback has been a Viking, Cousins still hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record. Actually, he is something like 2-11-1 against teams with winning records. Yes, he may have been the NFC Player of the Month as Minnesota won four straight, but none of the teams he beat had a winning record at the time. Detroit was 2-2-1, and the Giants, Philly and Washington each had losing records.

I thought the defense played good except for a couple lapses, like the 91-yard touchdown run, and 41-yard pitch and catch to Tyreek Hill. The offense didn’t do its job.

Minnesota pressured Moore a lot in the second half and after a terrible Minnesota punt, gave the Chiefs the ball on the Vikings’ 45. On the next play Minnesota brought the house and Moore lost 14 yards on the sack. Coach Mike Zimmer then only rushes three and the Chiefs get 17 yards on a pass to Travis Kelce. Reminds me of the Detroit debacle a couple years ago. He did the same then, and the Vikings lost.

On the next play Hill picks up 13 yards for a first down. Two plays later the Chiefs kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired. Hill had six catches for 140 yards and a touchdown.

Next week isn’t going to be any easier as the Vikings travel to Dallas. Before I get to my picks, I’m taking the Cowboys because they have a winning record, and Kirk can’t beat those teams.

Now let’s get to a team that is putting together a fantastic season, The 8-0 and 13th-ranked Gophers face No. 7 Penn State Saturday, the first day of deer season. It’s going to be a light day for me in the stand as I’m not missing this game.

Both teams had a bye week to prepare for this game, and I’m taking the Gophers to win this game.

Now let’s get back to the NFL. Miami picked up their first win, Indianapolis choked away what would have been a huge win at Pittsburgh because of missed field goal, and Cleveland and Baker Mayfield lost in Denver, which had a quarterback that had never started an NFL game but played sensationally. I had all three of those games wrong.

The only good thing that happened with Minnesota losing, was that Green Bay was humbled by San Diego. In fact all four NFC North teams lost Sunday.

Taking the week was Jerry Sundstrom at 15-3. Jon Osowski was one game behind because he, like most of us, picked the Vikes to beat Kansas City and their high school football coach who was moonlighting as a NFL quarterback.

I was 5-0 in college games and finished the week 13-5.

In college games this Saturday, I’m taking the Gophers, Wisconsin, NDSU and Arizona State at home, while LSU and Kansas State will win on the road. The LSU win is dependent on whether Tua, Alabama’s quarterback, is still out.

In the NFL, I’m going with the NY Jets, Cleveland, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, Green Bay, San Francisco and Dallas at home, with Detroit, Kansas City, Baltimore and the LA Rams winning on the road.


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