The first week of the NFL season is in the books, and already I want to change my picks for playoff contenders and division winners.

New England looks better than ever as the ageless Tom Brady amazes us all. Now with the addition of Antonio Brown, they will be even better unless his antics doom the team once again.

As for division winners, Chicago better find its offense quick or it could be a long season. Green Bay didn’t look much better, but their defense looked good. The Vikings’ defense looks great, but Mr. Cousins  still can’t figure out that he can’t hold the ball  forever.

Dallas and Philadelphia will battle it out in the East, while both Seattle and LA Rams look playoff worthy in the West. I took New Orleans to win the South, and I still think they will, but Carolina was impressive in a loss.

In the AFC, I took New England in the East, Kansas City in the West, and Baltimore or Pittsburgh in the North. I thought Houston was the team to beat in the South, but Tennessee looks the best right now.

The Chargers and Raiders look pretty good as well.

In the college ranks — the place where the games are better and the players are less selfish — my four picks for the college football playoffs are still looking unbeatable. But I’m thinking there’s one other team that also looks unbeatable.

In the college ranks, I see Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma and Ohio State making the playoffs, but don’t count out Alabama sneaking in.

I picked Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma and Ohio State making the playoffs. Don’t count out Alabama or LSU sneaking in.

Minnesota better start playing better or they might not win the eight games I thought they would.

Michigan also looks vulnerable and should have been beaten by Army. I caught part of the game at Benson’s during Ethnic Fest, where I met Joe, a West Point grad, who along with his wife have a summer cabin on Birch Lake in Hackensack.

We had a great time exchanging military stories; unfortunately Army was unable to hold the lead they had and fell by three points in double-overtime.

Iowa and Wisconsin both looked phenomenal, while Nebraska blew a big lead for their first loss of the season.

The winner of week one was John Freeman with a 15-3 mark. Not bad! He only missed the Detroit choke in Arizona, Carolina beating the Rams and Cleveland playing terrible at home.

I went 11-7. That’s terrrrrrible!

This week I’m taking Iowa, Clemson and UCF in college games.

In the pros, let’s go with Baltimore, Tennessee, NY Giants, Houston, LA Rams at home, and Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, LA Chargers, New England, Kansas City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Minnesota winning on the road.


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