18-Hole League

by Jan Filkins

It was a beautiful day for golf last Thursday, unlike the previous week. We got rained out with about four holes left to play. The lightning was ferocious. A few of the ladies went out after the all clear but most went home.

We have some real winners this week though. Our game was playing against your own handicap, so if you had a score over your handicap plus par you received a minus, and if under you got a plus. If you were right on you got a plus half.

First Flight winners were Shirley Olson with a plus 5 1/2.  Second was Linda Aitken with 4 1/2, third place went to Ann Owen with plus1 1/2.

Second Flight had Bev Novak in first place with a whopping plus 9 1/2. Carol Lenander and Kay Ekberg shared the second place with plus 1 1/2.

Third Flight winner was Betty Anderson with a plus 7.  Second place winner was Tanis Beadle with a  plus 2 and there was a three-way tie for third between Judie Page, Joyce Rief and Jan Filkins with a minus 2.

There were only two chip-ins reported, Carol Doschadis on No. 9 for a par and Jan Filkins on 15 to finish the hole.

Next week we begin our President’s Cup two-week tournament. I understand everyone in the league has signed up. Great turnout.

Tianna has a real handle on the social distancing, sanitizing, and all indoor employees wearing masks.  Thanks, Carrie and all.


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