18-Hole League

Dare we hope summer is really here?  In spite of all the warning signs and forecasts, we met for a delicious breakfast meeting and decided to chance it until the rains drove us in. We were rewarded with a few on and off sprinkles so were able to finish without any real problems.

The game of the day was AKQJ JOKER. Players were designated as  one of the cards depending on handicap. The cards were placed on the next hole so you didn’t know whose score you were using as the team score until it was complete and you had moved on.  Each person was drawn twice on each side and had to post their score twice no matter who had the best score that hole. The  team was able to take the best score when the Joker showed, one on each side.

First place was won by Gail Teig, PJ Matthews, Kay Ekberg and myself. (Once again I lucked out to get on a winning team.) Thank you team.

Second place went to  Shirley Olson, Bonnie Franke, Bev Novak and Imogene Caron. Third was taken by Lana Hanson, Sherrie Vandenheuvel, Judie Page, and Joyce Schuette.

The main thing was fun was had by all.

There were 17 contributing to the Chip-In Fund. Of those, three were able to manage one this week. Tanis Beadle made hers on hole 8 for a par. Sharon Keister had hers on 9 and Betty Anderson saved  hers for last on 18 to split the pot.

I might add Sharon Keister said “Beware of Ticks.” She found one strolling on the toilet paper in a bathroom. Kind of makes you think you better not be in a hurry when you make a stop.

Also last week 12 of our ladies represented Tianna at the Pokegama Invitational. Of those there were six winners in various flights.

In the Fifth Flight, Karen Cochran and Darla Peterson placed third. In the Sixth Flight Bonnie Isaacson and Kathy Green took second and in the Seventh Flight Jan Filkins and Joyce Schuette were third.

We better be careful or our gals will be banned from taking all the prizes at these Invitationals.


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