18-Hole League

by Arlene Gjevre

Here I go again, raving about the weather. It’s hard not to when we enjoy beautiful days one right after another. There are years we can’t do that. After all, this is Minnesota.

In the Twin Cities it was predicted to be a Top 10 weather day, and this was the opening day of the State Fair. I know, it always keeps you guessing. I’d give it an eight up here — the clouds wouldn’t let the sun stay out to get to 10. Perfect for golf, though.

We had 19 women to divide into five teams for the Hot Ball game. Everyone tees off, usually the longest drive is the Hot Ball. If you’re lucky enough to have a bomber on your team it’s easy to know who is going to be the Hot Ball.

That player plays their own ball all the way in and must count that ball. The others continue on from that spot in a scramble format to finish the hole with one score which is added to the Hot Ball.  However, everyone needs to be the Hot Ball at least once therefore there may be holes where you don’t use the farthest drive. A little strategy might be in order.

The winners were Diann Howell, PJ Matthews and Joyce Rief for first. In second place were Kathy Green, Bonnie Franke, Judie Page and Jan Filkins, and taking third were Carol Doschadis, Leah Larson, Sharon Kiester and Barb Faber.

We are nearing the end of the regular season so the winners are paid in cash until it’s time to trade in clubs for snowmobiles or some of us leave for warmer climes.

Looks like everyone wanted a piece of the action before the end of the year as we had five chip-ins. If I didn’t know better I’d think it must be easy to do. Three of them were on hole 5 — Carol Doschadis, Bonnie Isaacson for a net 4, and Kathy Green for a  regular old par.

Joyce Rief chipped in on 8 for another ho-hum par and Bev Novak on 16 for some of the pot. Oh well, there’s always next year.


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