18-Hole League

Now we know what Minnesota is all about in the summer and here we are back in God’s country. What’s not to like? Plus that, we had one of our favorite games to enjoy.

It was the Flag Day Game. This is the one where you add 60 to your handicap and when you reach that number of strokes, you wish for more, but you plant your flag anyway. This is one of the only times you wish for a higher handicap.

Luckily you’re not sure if you’re the first to plant because we all start on different holes, so that’s only decided when we’re all in. It’s also the day we’re supposed to wear red, white and blue. For those who remember, I commend you. You looked so patriotic, it was fun to see.

We had 21 ladies trying to get all done without planting their flag. It was an individual game divided into four flights with two threesomes and three fivesomes.

In the First Flight, Kathy Green and Karen Cochran took the honor of tying for first. Chris Barnes came in third.

In the Second Flight, Bonnie Franke took first, Carol Doschadis took second with Shirley Olson third.

The Third Flight saw Ann Owen win, PJ Matthews came in second and Judie Page was third.

Joyce Nelson-Schuette had the game of the day for first place in the Fourth Flight. Jan Filkins came in second and Tanis Beadle cleaned up for third.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing these same names in various order throughout the season.

There were four chip-ins splitting the pot this week: Franke for a birdie on hole 11, Beadle also on the 11th, then Page on hole 14 and Doschadis on the 17th.

Following golf, we had a presentation of the new golf rules by Steve Hoslop, the Pine River-Backus head coach, who I understand is the rules guru of the North Country. It was very informative and easy to understand.

There is a lot more to keeping up on this subject, and many classes are required to be a guru. If you don’t mind, Tanis, I’ll just keep you on speed dial.

One more thing, a thank you to Sharon Keister for the delicious rhubarb cake she brought for the League, made with the rhubarb harvested from Barb Pavek’s garden. Thanks to both our friends.


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