18-Hole League

We did it. We got through two weeks of nice weather for our President’s Cup. We have had trouble in the past getting through the tournament without getting wet, cold and sometimes even grouchy. Can you believe it? This year we could say oh who cares, it’s a beautiful day and we’re so lucky to be out here. Right?

We had  26 ladies playing for the second week of the tournament. As you know you did not have to be able to play both weeks in order to join, but it was to your advantage if possible.

We were divided into five flights based on handicaps with three or four playing together. Your final score was the better of the two weeks. Never fear, the cash is  awarded to every player who participated although the better you were, the richer you will become at  banquet time.

In the interest of time and space we will just report the first low gross and first low net in each flight.

In the First Flight Chris Barnes did it again with even a better score than last year. She had a fantastic 86 for first low gross.  That makes three years in a row. Come on girls, she needs a little competition. Practice, practice, practice.

Diane Howell was here this summer to pick up first low net.

In the Second Flight, Karen Cochran was no slouch either with an unbelievable 89 for first low gross, and Ann Owen walked away with first low net.

Third Flight had the most players but Bonnie Franke had it from the get- go. She did well, Only one in the flight to score in the 90s. Where is that Bonnie we know and love.

PJ hung on and took first low net as the only other one in that Flight to net in the 60s   

Fourth Flight was very tight with only one stroke separating the ladies, but Leah Larson emerged the first low gross and Betty Anderson was right there for first low net

In the Fifth Flight, Tanis Beadle pretty much ran away with first low gross (I might add she also had the best low net of the whole league with a 57). Is that possible? However, Joyce Schuette actually took the first low net place.

There were 24 gals playing for a chip-in but only two had the honor. Barb Faber for a birdie on 7 and Jan Filkins managed one on 13. Nice pot to split.

Many others in the league did very well, which will be rewarded at banquet time, and some not so much. Just remember we had fantastic weather and we’re still upright.


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